Download Astrology Kundli Prediction – Ask Vedic Astrologer 2.3 APK

Download Astrology Kundli Prediction – Ask Vedic Astrologer 2.3 APK

Description of Astrology Kundli Prediction - Ask Vedic Astrologer

AstroTalk is the best Astrological App whichprovides the most accurate and detailed predictions by reading yourKundli chart (Kundali/ birth chart/ Janampatri) using VedicAstrology (Hindu Astrology/ Indian Astrology).
You can submit your query in the form of text and we will revertwithin 6 hours with a detailed answer. We also share the planetarypositions to justify our answer.

AstroTalk also provides telephonic consultation, wherein you canspeak to our panel of Astrologers for 30 mins.

Unlike other companies or Pandits providing Kundli (Kundali)forecast in a very unprofessional way, AstroTalk verifies theastrologer by making them go through multiple interviews and casestudies. The hired ones are very professional and answer the querywith the most accurate astrological predictions.

AstroTalk – Astrology on the go!
– Facing uncertainties in life? Place an order for asking a queryfrom our experienced Astrologer.
– Know that every problem has easy Astrology remedies that canbring your life back on track.
– Life can be hard but asking a query about your personal issuescan give you motivation after knowing good things ahead.
– Sshh! We know how to keep a secret and so all our discussions areconfidential.
– Your Astrologer is just a text away! We take not more than 6hours to answer all your queries.
– Trustworthy and Experienced Astrologers are just one clickaway!
– Settle in, grab a cup of coffee, and text your query with thecomfort of your home

We can help you with:
– CAREER: Are you on the crossroads of your career? We can assistyou in choosing the right path.
– HEALTH: Falling ill very often? There might be a remedy that ourastrologers can tell you.
– RELATIONSHIP: Struggling in relationships? Might be the fault inyour stars.
– MARRIAGE OBSTACLES: If you are concerned about your marriage ormarried life, our astrologers can help you out.
– EDUCATION: Not sure which is better for you among Engineering,Commerce, Humanities, Medical etc;
– REMEDIAL CONSULTANCY: Feeling something is wrong with you? Knowthe Upchaar (remedy) but don’t know how to do it? Let us helpyou.
– GEMSTONES CONSULTANCY: Because Astrology is not about expensivegemstones, spending a huge amount just to test is not the rightway.
– CHILD NAME SUGGESTION: Excited to name your child as per thenakshatras? We have experienced astrologers who would suggest younames according to Astrology and Neumorology
– COMMODITY TRADING CONSULTANCY: Wanna be a trader but unable toadjust to the fluctuting commodity market? We will keep you postedon every week prediction of commodities
– MATCH MAKING: Have shortlisted a few spouse but unsure about howwould be the right one for you? We will match the kundlis from allaspect and provide detailed report
– BIRTH TIME RECTIFICATION: Unsure about your correct time ofbirth? Get on a call with us and we will predict the right time ofyour birth
– TRAVEL ABORAD: Frustrated about not getting an opportunity towork in a foreign land? We would help you know when and where youhave chances to travel and settle

How AstroTalk Query works:
– Know your problem: Select your topic from our list and ask yourquestion in the text box.
– Book & Pay
– Astrologer is assigned: On the basis of some complex algorithm,we assign your query to one of the astrologers from ourpanel.
– Answer submitted: Astrologer answer the queries and answer willbe sent to you inside the app. You shall receive a notificaitonright then.

P.S. – More than prediction, astrology helps in indicating certainevents in life and not 100% of that can be correct as a lot of itdepends on your karma. So, do not just blindly trust onpredictions, but have faith in yourself to get over a bad phase oflife.

If you liked our service, do share it with your friends and pleasedon’t forget to rate us 5 star on playstore 🙂

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